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  • Our non-woven face mask is made up of top-grade non-woven fabrics with 3 layers.


    1.Non woven face mask is made of spunbonded non woven fabric and meltblown non woven fabric.

    2.It can be used in protect face from the dust,water and bacteria.

    3.Conforms to international standard.

    4. Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.

    5. With multi-layered non-poisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials.

    Face Mask Type:50pcs/box disposable three layer mask



    3 ply (100% new material)

    1st ply: 20g/m2 spun-bond PP

    2nd ply: 20g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter)

    3rd ply: 20g/m2 spun-bond PP


50pcs/box disposable three layer mask
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